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Doctors’ Convention 2.0

June 5, 2014

Now with more doctors!

This is now a few weeks passed (already?), and I definitely didn’t take as many pictures as I should have, but I went back to Eugene in the middle of May for a few friends’ Ph.D. defenses and then made my way up to Seattle via Portland (next post).

Sarah, JZ, and I were all able to fly in for the weekend to spend some time with friends and soak up as much Eugene as we possibly could in a few short days’ time. I think we did pretty well!

Highlights included: Pegasus with DT and the lab; Prince Puckler’s (velvet hammer ice cream!); Bier Stein x2;dinner at Belly; Red Wagon Creamery; walking and running up Mt. Baldy; hiking the Ridgeline Trail with the dogs; donuts at the Nells’; Hendricks Park; Silvan Ridge and Sarver wine tasting and picnicking; crêpe-making at the Elliotts’ with the Glovzbys; hiking Spencer’s Butte in the rain; Falling Sky deli; Sweet Life; private party at Party Downtown; hanging out on campus with Elsa; riding the EmX; Off the Waffle.

Yes, it was a very food-oriented itinerary. But we hiked around a bit between all the eating and drinking. It’s what you do in Eugene.

(I blatantly stole some of these pictures at the beginning from other people via Facebook.)4

(I still miss the old Stein.)


Doctors of the Tyler lab.


So full at this point, but had to get ice cream.


I had great weather for almost my whole trip – it only rained twice, both times when I was hiking.




So good to see Paula! Love this picture of these two.


Storm clouds rolling in…



Wow, I really failed at pictures with Ed and Maggie. But they were a big part of this trip as our gracious hosts!

Congrats to Drs. Ellen, Emma, Bryan, and Ed!

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