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April 20, 2014

Spring is… mostly here!  I would have been more confident saying that, except last week we were all lulled into a false sense of hope (I biked home from work in a T-shirt one day), only to get some snow/freezing rain the next morning.  The wind can still be chilly, but the sun feels nice and the grass is starting to look green again.  I would love to see some leaves on trees soon.

I finished off another Oregon beer from my stash, Double Mountain’s Vaporizer from Hood River.  I had forgotten how good this one is.CIMG2522

Of course I had it with gaucho burgers and roasted potatoes and broccoli.CIMG2525


Last weekend I went to the north shore with my parents and uncle to try to take advantage of some nice weather.  Of course it ended up being cloudy, windy, and cool on the ocean, but after clam chowder for lunch, we took this awesome trail through the dunes at Crane Beach where we were more sheltered.


I felt like I was on another planet!  The landscape was just so different, with the trees growing right out of the sand and all the tall dunes.  It was especially neat because I had grown up being told not to walk on the dunes, so it was great that a real trail has been established for people to experience the area without destroying it.


It was hard walking on the sand and hills, so we walked back along the beach, where it was much flatter but also windier.  I’ll definitely come back here to explore the rest of the dune trail!

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