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The year so far

February 22, 2014

Blogger fail. Or mostly picture-taking fail, I guess. Here’s a quick recap of the last two months.

I turned 28 and celebrated over multiple days with lots of friends and family. Kind of uneventful this year, but that’s ok. The first few weeks in January I worked from home because our office was being renovated, which I kind of loved and kind of hated for the expected reasons (no commute! pretty lonely). I think it would have been better if I had a little more to do, but the workload was light around that time.CIMG2436

Immediately after that was a completely different story… I was day-tripping to my first solo workshops every other day for about two weeks and at the same time took on responsibility for some new projects. It was busy, but I like it like that! I did a workshop on Cape Cod and spent a night with Ben in Sandwich. We went for a dark walk/tromp through the marsh and then ate at an Irish bar (complete with fiddlers!).

I’ve been getting into my cooking groove by slowly stocking my pantry and freezer. I even found a winter farmers’ market where I stocked up on local meat.


There’s a wine shop down the street from my apartment, and I was pleasantly surprised by this chardonnay the employee recommended to me.CIMG2430


I love this tablecloth from Target, even if it is twice as big as my table. I just folded it in half and it works fine.CIMG2435

(Curry tuna cakes and sweet potato fries.)

Other than that, it’s been snowing a lot. I love snow, but it makes commuting a pain. I wish it would just melt between storms so we’d have a fighting chance, but instead we’re deep into the ice season around here with the alternating melting/freezing cycles.

I’ve been able to do a lot of XC skiing though!CIMG2438


I dog/cat/house-sat for a coworker over Presidents’ Day weekend. It was fun to explore Jamaica Plain, and she has a gorgeous apartment. Frida and I went on many walks in the Arboretum.CIMG2444


And Dexter hung out back at the house.CIMG2461



What else? I’ve enjoyed seeing friends around here on a semi-regular basis. Maria and I went to Passim to see Ryan Montbleau and he was amazing. That was a great night – perfect food, beer, music, and company. I’ve been swimming more (twice a week usually, up from once a week) and on Friday I swam a mile! I miss biking and am starting to get excited for spring, but I know we have a ways to go…

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  1. Melanie permalink
    February 23, 2014 1:58 pm

    Yay animal friends! Such winter. Very food.

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