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Apartment update: couch!

December 28, 2013

Big news over here; I got a couch!


After a month of living here, I feel much less like a nomad now.  I was glad I waited, though, to give my finances a chance to catch their breath.

Now the living area looks like this:CIMG2400

I switched the Ikea shelf back to the smaller wall, where it makes a lot more sense, but first I had my dad make a few “feet” for it to rest on.  The heat coming from the floor is more under control now, but it still gets warm, so I wanted to avoid damaging the shelf (and the contents of the shelf) by lifting it up a bit.


Now everyone can come visit me and have a place to sit!  (Or sleep; when the back cushions are removed it’s a pretty roomy couch.)

I also hung up some corkboards and have loved hanging cards from everyone on them!CIMG2404

And my Oregon license plate.  SAD.

I hope everyone had a good Christmas (and Thanksgiving?  I guess I didn’t blog about that, but both were very nice).  I went to the Mt. Auburn cemetery on Christmas Day to see Bucky Fuller:CIMG2399

Or, Trimtab, I guess?

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  1. December 30, 2013 2:12 pm

    Looks fabulous! You were right about switching the shelf and couch. Glad your shelf now has feet, gladder that the heat situation is getting better.

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