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Moving day, again

November 23, 2013

I knew when I moved back to Massachusetts that I didn’t want to compete with students who were starting school and looking for apartments.  Everything moves so quickly around Labor Day weekend that I knew I wouldn’t have a chance, even if I had people looking at places for me.  Plus, I had sold all of my furniture in order to move across the country, and by trying to maximize my time in Eugene and sightseeing along the drive, I arrived in Boston about 36 hours before I had to start working (I keep promising a post about my job…).

So I lived with my parents in Watertown for about two and a half months.  It definitely made the transition a lot easier, and I could take my time looking for an apartment I really loved instead of settling because I needed a place to live.

Surprisingly, I was sold on only the second place I looked at.  Part of the draw was that there was a lot of time before I could move in so I could prepare.  It’s in Arlington, around the corner from Maria and Galo, in a great neighborhood that I know quite well (it’s close to where my grandmother lived), and the whole place is nice and clean (with a new kitchen).

Here are some pictures I took the day I got my keys (Colby chem folks, I just typed “keyes”):CIMG2368

I’m standing in the kitchen looking at the front (white) door.  The brown door is a closet.

Turning around to see the kitchen:CIMG2367

(Those are light fixtures that need to be hung.)  There’s a dishwasher!  Although I wish it was some more cabinet space instead (the upper cabinets are all really tall and hard to reach).  Another con:  electric stove… come on!  The faucet is sweet though – it’s dual spray/normal, and it detaches from the post.

Little bathroom:CIMG2363

I need more cabinet/storage space!

The bedroom/living area is huge!  Here’s looking one way:CIMG2364

And then standing at the window:CIMG2366

Huge!  Kind of a strange layout though.

I hope to post more as I settle in and things change.  I did the big move on November 15, which was a day that I mainly spent building Ikea furniture with my parents.  It looks a lot different already!

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