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What does the fox say?

September 23, 2013

Answer:  “I do.”



It was AMAZING to be able to attend their wedding.  It took some effort to get there, thanks to some stormy weather in Chicago, but it was worth it.  I also had to take two days off of work during only my second week there (more on the job once I take some pictures); again, worth it.  I flew into Wausau/CWA/Mosinee and rented a car to get to St. Germain (I picked up a cone of Culver’s frozen custard along the way).  I met up with the bridal party, who were getting their nails done, and followed them to the cabins, aka Bryan’s home.  I helped Bryan and Sarah get some of the favors ready, then we had the bachelor/bachelorette grill party.  It was great to be able to finally meet so many friends and family of Kara and Bryan!

I can’t believe I didn’t take any pictures of the gorgeous lake where we were staying.  I guess I was just relying on being able to steal pictures from other people, but believe me, it was a nice lake.

On Friday we mostly just hung out – it was cool and rainy so it was really nice to just sit and read for a little while.  We had the most amazing brunch at the Wolf Pack (pumpkin pancakes!).  That evening was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner at the Supper Club, where Old Fashioneds were enjoyed with prime rib.  Then JZ and the Bradys showed up!  Doctors Convention 1.0.


September 21 (wedding day) was one of the best days ever.  It started very early in the pitch dark with this conversation in the doctors’ room:

<alarm goes off>

JZ:  It’s 6 am!

Sarah:  No, it’s 6:15.

JZ:  Then why isn’t Chantal awake yet?

Chantal:  Because the SCHEDULE said wake up was at 6:30!

The three of us had offered to make breakfast because the bridesmaids had early hair appointments.  It was just like old times – JZ drinking a beer at 7 am, all of us dying laughing, naming JZ “Large Knife”, and somehow managing to cook breakfast.

The wedding was really nice – Sarah and I did readings (responsorial. psalm.) involving woodland creatures and love and God.  The priest was funny and down-to-earth and the whole thing was just beautiful.

Then there was some picture-taking by the lake…CIMG2316

… and on The Road…CIMG2317

Meanwhile, the rest of us were having a dance party:CIMG2320

Then the truck got involved…CIMG2322

And things got silly.CIMG2323

I love everything about this picture.  Hysterical!CIMG2324

Kara was less than amused about something:CIMG2325

(Hard to see, but yes, that is a middle finger.)

Groomspeoples’ shoes:CIMG2326

The reception was so. much. fun.  There was so much Spotted Cow, delicious eats, beautiful decorations, amazing people, and TONS of dancing.  JZ performed her famous spin move, and at one point I had to walk away because I was crying from laughing so hard.  We stayed until the bitter end.

The next morning we rallied for brunch.CIMG2327

And then it was already time to go.  So sad.  I drove Calen to the airport and we stopped at Culver’s to get some cheese curds.  At Wausau the Packers game was on, so we watched that and admired the cheeseheads in the gift shop while waiting for our planes.

This was such a great trip.  It was fantastic to see so many wonderful people.  Thank you so much to the Nells for hosting all of us hooligans.  And CONGRATULATIONS to Kara and Bryan!!

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