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Niagra Falls, and the end of the road

September 17, 2013

We last left our intrepid travelers in the suburbs of Chicago, where they were early-morning ninjas sneaking out of Cathi and Alex’s apartment.  It was a very long day of driving with no pictures, although I should have taken one at the very random but friendly restaurant outside of Delta, OH where we had lunch (Winchesters Restaurant and Saloon).  I had run out of map by this point (I only had a western US map and meant to pick up an eastern one but never did), so I was relying on Laura’s phone and navigational skills to get us to Buffalo, NY.  I spent a lot of time asking “how much Indiana is left?” and “when do we get to the NY border?”

In Buffalo we checked into a swanky (for us) Residence Inn (thank you Mr. Smith!) and had dinner at MacGregor’s Grill and Tap Room where there was a Sox/Yankees game on TV.  We were back in the northeast.  We each got a beer sampler mainly because there were so many beers on tap that we couldn’t choose just one, but neither of us could finish them – we were wiped from the drive.

Day 12:  584 miles (3704 total)

The next morning we had the best hotel breakfast I’d had the whole trip, and took a short ride to…CIMG2295

Niagra Falls!  We stayed on the US side because we didn’t have a lot of time.  Everyone says the Canadian side is better, but we got to see a lot!



There were a few drops of rain, but nothing like the rest of the day…



Horseshoe Falls was so misty/rainy that we couldn’t see much and just quickly walked through it before continuing on.

We got back in the car and drove across all of NY.  We stopped at Wegman’s for lunch, where Laura stocked up on local goodies and I grabbed some cheap and delicious peaches from her hometown.  And then we drove some more.  It was pouring rain all day long (maybe we were moving in the same direction as the front?), which made for pretty awful driving.

Many episodes of RadioLab and This American Life later, we crossed into Massachusetts.  We knew it was going to be a late night, so we decided to take Route 2 instead of 90 because it’s cheaper, more scenic, and we would be more likely to find somewhere good to eat.  We ended up stopping in Williamstown and got sandwiches at Pappa Charlie’s, which freaked me out because I had been there TEN YEARS AGO when I was visiting colleges in the fall of 2003.  Insane.  Since the last time I had been there with someone who ordered a Dr. Strangepork, I had graduated both high school and college, received a Ph.D., got a job, and moved across the country twice.

We got some ice cream to sustain us for the last leg of the journey – three hours in the dark, in the rain, on windy rural roads, finally back to Somerville.  After I dropped Laura off, I (of course) got somewhat lost and ended up in Harvard Square at 10pm on a Saturday night.  My dad stayed up to meet me and helped me unload when I got back to Watertown.

Day 13:  506 miles (4210 total)

What a crazy journey.  Thank you Laura for joining me the last few days!

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