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Back to school in Winona

September 14, 2013

Christine took me on a lovely (hilly, high-altitude for me) run through the trails behind her house on Sunday morning.  We had an nice brunch at the South Side Walnut Café, then I hit the road east.CIMG2280

Yeah!  So convenient that I left my driveway in Eugene just as 28,000 was changing over, so this means I was 2,000 miles into the trip by now.

I kept seeing these signs at rest stops and disagreed about their use of the underlined emphasis:CIMG2281

Really I think any other word except for “area” would have worked.

I spent a quick night in Council Bluffs, IA, just over the border from Omaha.  I ate leftover pizza from Avery while driving, finally realizing I was in Central Standard Time when my phone and my watch disagreed and the sun was going down too early.

Day 7:  566 miles (2158 total)

The next day I got to Minnesota:CIMG2282

And JZ showed me around Winona!CIMG2283

We grilled steaks, drank wine, and then she kindly took me to the Culver’s drive-through window so I could try some Oreo cheesecake frozen custard.  I really liked it!

Day 8:  389 miles (2547 total)

The next day we hung out in the inorganic lab (just like old times), ate some crockpot stew on the porch for lunch, and returned to campus for a lecture.  Professor JZ had the class give 45-second elevator speeches, so of course she asked me to start off with 45 seconds about my research.  How did I know that was going to happen?!  Jen had another lab that evening, so I took Major for a run around one of the lakes.  It was so cool to see where Jen went to college and where she works now – the building was renovated recently, so all the chem labs are new… it’s gorgeous.

Day 9:  0 miles by car (love those days!)

On Wednesday we went to another lecture, then had lunch at the Blue Heron Café where Jen used to work.  Loved that place!

I took off after lunch for a really, really long afternoon of driving… (to be continued)

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  1. September 14, 2013 7:52 am

    Love! Also, look at those pictures. How do people manage to believe the Midwest is not beautiful???

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