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Colorado adventures

September 12, 2013

Whew.  As Calvin and Hobbes say, “the days are just packed!”

I left Rock Springs and drove south to Colorado on some really desolate roads.CIMG2251

(I said I got worse at the signs.)

I made a detour to Steamboat Springs, which was a nice town with some really stinky hot springs.CIMG2256


I actually dropped my keys at one point while walking from spring to spring (not in the spring, luckily!), and after 15 panicked minutes, found them again on the trail.  Amazing.

After eating an delicious steak in the nearby town, I camped at Lake Granby (just south of Rocky Mountain National Park) at a cute little campground called Sunset Point.  The hostess told me I could knock on her trailer door if I got scared at night.  I was out of bear country at this point, so I was OK.CIMG2261

Day 4:  311 miles (1493 total)

Not a bad breakfast site:CIMG2262

Then I drove through RMNP because I had never been on this side of the park before.  I was proud my car made it all the way up to 12,000 ft!CIMG2263

Not many people hang out in national parks by themselves, so I got lots of questions about what I was doing (it’s not obvious from the car full of stuff?).

I went for a quick hike in Moraine Park.  I wished I had more time (common theme of this trip)!CIMG2270


But I had to go meet Christine (I managed to not take any pictures of her/us, whoops!) and Taiga.CIMG2273

I was done camping at this point, so I left my old sleeping bag that I had been using as extra padding with the pup.

Upon arrival, we immediately biked to CU for a lecture on prairie restoration (naturally) and a grad student party where I got to meet a lot of CVA’s friends.

Day 5:  99 miles (1592 total)

On Saturday Christine, Andy, and I biked to the Boulder Reservoir to watch Teebs do a triathlon.  There was a free paddle boarding demo, so I got to play on the water a little bit!  I loved it, but it takes a lot of concentration.

We biked back into town (19 miles total that day) to have brunch at the Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse, one of my favorite places.CIMG2275

My jasmine green tea magically blossomed in a wine glass!

The tea-cured salmon benedict was so good.CIMG2276

We strolled around Pearl Street, did some shopping, and went to Avery Brewing for dinner.  After dinner there were peaches and local ice cream and an epic game of Settlers of Catan (only my second time playing) involving a sheepocalypse.  I loved getting a snapshot of Christine’s life in Boulder and had a really fun time.  Again, it was too short, but the road was calling…

Day 6:  0 miles!!! (by car)

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