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Road trip 2013

September 8, 2013

My last week in Eugene was filled with packing, cleaning, and generally wrapping things up, all while trying to hang out with everyone and do all the things I knew I’d miss when I’m gone.  It was great having a huge group of people show up to the Bier Stein Friday night for one last hurrah.  I even got to say goodbye to Mal!  He had some words of wisdom about the problem with living in a college town – just as soon as you get to know people, they move on.

On Saturday Ed and Maggie took Sarah and I to King Estate for a private tour (yes you read that right) and dinner on the patio.  I nerded out about all the wine equipment, reminisced about my time at Iris, and generally felt sad about leaving the wonderful state of Oregon.  It was the perfect send-off.

Sunday involved packing the car (Sarah only had to calm me down a few times), then Ellen brought us one last avocado curry noodle from Ta Ra Rin.  I didn’t take pictures of anything from that weekend; I was too busy trying to soak it all up.

Monday August 26 I left bright and early and started the long drive, passing through Bend and then eastern Oregon.  I’m glad I spent some time in the Hermiston area, otherwise I think I would have been really confused by the landscape.CIMG2204

Crossed into Mountain Standard Time (already?), and then left Oregon.CIMG2206

Herbert and Banjo (the dinos on the dash) say, “You’re welcome, Oregon.”  Sigh.


I had some major beginner’s luck with the state welcome signs – it’s been downhill from here on out.

I got to Twin Falls, ID and was just able to grab some Thai take-out before the place closed.  It was a long, lonely day.CIMG2208

I had wanted to see Shoshone Falls either that night (too late), or the next morning, but I had a ways to go to get to Yellowstone and I figured I would rather spend my time at the park than trying to see the falls.  Next time?

Day 1: 573 miles

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