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Blair Lake

August 24, 2013

After a few failed South Sister trips (failed as in never left Eugene, not tried to summit and failed), I was itching to get out of town and to do some camping.  After about 24 hours at Blair Lake (near Oakridge) with Ed, Maggie, and ZK, things were looking up.

Sheep the eep was getting a little warm on the steep gravel road, so we took a few minutes to let her cool down.  The coolant was boiling for a long time!  This might have been because of the large quantities of hay stuck in the air intake.CIMG2189

I felt like I was in an REI commercial the whole weekend.  There were all these large clumps of grass everywhere, but I found a good tent-sized spot to set up camp.CIMG2191

We checked out the lake and then feasted on chicken pitas and fresh-picked huckleberry cobbler.

On Sunday we went on a really cool hike across a wildflower meadow, up a ridge, across a meadow on Mule Mountain (four shoes!), and ended up on top of another hill with an incredible view of the Sisters to the north.CIMG2194

And Diamond Peak to the south.CIMG2196

Luke and Leia posing.  There were a lot of yellow jackets (half of our party – two people and one dog – got stung!), so we didn’t hang around for a long time at the summit.CIMG2197

We made some lunch and then took a swim in Blair Lake.  For being at 4800 ft, it was really warm!CIMG2198

It was a really quick trip, but just what I needed – a reminder of the awesomeness that is Oregon and how sad I am to leave this place.

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