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Beer and mountains

August 16, 2013

Two of my favorite things about Oregon.

Hop Valley opened a new tasting location in the Whiteaker.  It’s pretty awesome!CIMG2156

Sarah and I met Toby there for a beer one evening.CIMG2157

Mary’s Peak is the tallest peak in the Coastal Range, but you can drive almost all the way up it.  Ellen, Sarah, and I extended our hike a bit, but it was still shorter than expected.CIMG2158

But it gave us plenty of time for a picnic!  It was kind of hazy that day, but we could still see most of the mountains in the Cascades.CIMG2159

The ocean side was a bit harder to make out.CIMG2162

The clouds were really cool!CIMG2161

We stopped at Block 15 in Corvallis on the way home.  I liked a lot of the tastes that I had.  Loved the chalkboard tables!CIMG2163

Sadly it’s the wrong season for the infamous Love Potion No. 9.

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