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August 15, 2013

I flew to Boston for a week in July for a job interview at the Museum of Science.  It was super stressful getting ready to go between practicing my lesson and gathering the supplies, but it worked out well… I got the job!  They actually called me as I was on my way to the airport to fly back to Oregon, so it was nice to know that I would be back soon.

I got back to Oregon on a Friday, so I spent the weekend with Sarah, Bryan, and Kara at the Daglens’, with some surprise guests arriving on Sunday!

On Saturday Sarah and I took part in a Daglen tradition… judo.267202_10150324376669949_1032198521_n

It was a little intimidating at first, but as soon as we started getting thrown around I started laughing like a fool.969316_10150324376499949_2023969120_n


After judo we went to a little coffee shop for ginger lemonades and coffee (for some).  Then we had froyo, of course.CIMG2142

That night we had a delicious salmon feast.CIMG2143

I was in charge of the rice.CIMG2144

On Sunday Sarah and I went to Ikea.  I want these shelves!CIMG2146

And then Ginger and Rena showed up!  We Skyped with Jen, so it was a real Tyler lab reunion.CIMG2152

On Monday, Sarah and I drove to Seattle to pick up her passport, which she had dropped off on Friday.  Long story.  But we were close to Chinatown, so we found a fantastic place to have lunch (Shanghai Garden).CIMG2153

Spicy cucumbers!  We might have ordered too much food, but we had plenty of leftovers, and it was cheap.  The noodles were awesome.CIMG2155

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