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Operation: drink all the wine

August 14, 2013

Sometimes we eat dinner while watching True Blood.  Don’t judge; it’s an amazing show.IMG_0073

We had grilled pork chops and carrots with quinoa and chard.  Sarah said it tasted like something from Belly!  I’ll take that as a compliment.

This was the second bottle that Dr. JZ sent us to enjoy.CIMG2170

We made grilled steaks à la Jen (with mashed roasted garlic and rosemary), mashed potatoes, and green beans.  Then we Skyped with Jen for approximately 3 hours.CIMG2173

We’ve had this bottle for years!  But we’re moving soon, and need to clean out the cabinet enjoy it.CIMG2174

It was good (much better with food), but I think it suffered from a few warm summers in our kitchen.  It would be nice if my next apartment had a wine cellar…

We made boppity-boopity to go with Jeff’s wine, of course.CIMG2175

This was a more recent bottle from graduation weekend.CIMG2179

We quickly grilled some chicken and corn and added some leftover potato salad.CIMG2180


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