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Butte to Butte 10k

August 8, 2013

I really wasn’t planning on running a 10k.  Ever.  But then Sarah got the idea of Eugene’s 4th of July Butte to Butte 10k in my head, and then I started going on longer runs, just to see if I could reasonably run this thing, and before you know it…

butte to butte 2

It was a blast.  Such an iconic Eugene tradition.  The race starts near Spencer Butte and goes uphill for the first mile, downhill for the second, and levels off to flat for the remainder until the end behind Skinner’s Butte.  People wear crazy costumes, there are bands playing along the course, and people come out of their houses to watch the “parade”.  There were even people handing out donuts and tequila at the top of the hill!

I finished in 56:41, which met my goal of under an hour.  I was 1216th overall, which was good enough for top half out of 2469 people.  And I felt really good for the majority of the race.

Brunch is always in order after a race, so Matt, Emma, Sarah, and I went to Keystone Café and got to sit outside.  It was perfect.CIMG2138

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