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Wine day, beer day

July 22, 2013

We started the graduation celebrations early with a fun-filled weekend.  Sarah’s parents and mine finally got to meet!2013_F_DSCN2553

First stop, St. Innocent Winery.2013_F_DSCN2554


We had lunch at the Blue Goat in Amity, Oregon.  I loved this place, but we were starving and not in the mood to wait for food!2013_F_DSCN2571


Then we went to Winter’s Hill Vineyard.  We had a great time there with good wine, friendly service, and a great view from the top of the hill.2013_F_DSCN2558


All of this was merely preamble to the real party that night in Newberg…2013_F_DSCN2564

Jeff’s family were SO KIND to host a graduation/birthday party at his grandparents’ winery, Medici Vineyards.  We were picturing a casual backyard BBQ, but they went all out and has us all in the banquet hall.  Everything was perfect.2013_G_0202

We took a walk up the hill after dinner.2013_G_0199

Thank you Hal and Dotty!2013_G_0203


The next day, we were on a mission:  fill up a bunch of growlers with Eugene beer to have for our graduation party the next day.  Of course we had to sample things to know which ones to get!


Falling Sky: (I like how the Bradys are the only ones paying attention.)CIMG2113

The Bier Stein:2013_F_DSCN2586

By this point I was pretty wined and beered out!

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