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A few more curries

June 11, 2013

Please don’t kill me, Maisha.CIMG2074

But you were moving too quickly for me to take a non-blurry photo of you running up the hill after peeing in a bush (good job!) when we were somewhat lost and failing miserably at finding open wineries to visit.

But at least I made you dinner, right?  Zach, Maisha, Sarah and I recently spent a Sunday going wine tasting (we successfully made it to Sarver and Silvan Ridge (two of my favorites!) before driving aimlessly for a while).  We came back to the apartment and I made some lentils and chicken curry from the Indian cookbook the Glovzbys got us.CIMG2076

(yay good dinner lighting!)


The next day I really wanted to use the Chardonnay we picked up from our LaVelle wine club.CIMG2078

I had seen a recipe for a chardonnay/curry broth (very light in flavor) served over cod, peppers, and fennel.  It was good!CIMG2080

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