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It’s defense

May 29, 2013

The last week in April was intense.  Sarah defended her dissertation on Monday, I went on Wednesday, and our advisor DT turned 60 on Friday.  There were parents visiting, lots of stress, and then lots of celebrating.

My dad flew in the night before my defense in time for dinner (my mom came in later from a conference in Denver).  I wanted to make him pizza, but our oven broke as we were heating it up.  It’s not like it was a stressful time in my life or anything.  But being doctors/almost-doctors, we were able to improvise and have a delicious meal.

Picture this pizza:2013_C_002

…on this grill:2013_C_001

Grilled pizza!  Ta-da.

The next morning I spent some time trying not to throw up before my talk.  Café Yumm (or really just the sriracha) might not have been the best choice.2013_C_013

I was a little shaky at first, but then I got into it and before I knew what was happening, there was applause.2013_C_017

Awesome decorations:2013_C_018


The lab plus a few:2013_C_023

Me and DT.2013_C_024

Roommate doctors!2013_C_027

We went to Falling Sky to celebrate and a ton of people showed up.  I had such a great time sitting OUTSIDE in the beautiful sun and listening to Ellen rap!2013_C_028


The next day my parents wanted to go to the coast, so we drove to Cape Perpetua and did a little hiking there and at Sweet Creek falls on the way back.




There were lots of pretty yellow flowers in bloom.2013_C_047



We got back in time for my soccer game that night (go Heat!).2013_C_064


The next day we explored Hendricks Park, where the rhododendrons were in bloom.2013_C_066




We spent the evening prepping food at the Glovzbys for DT’s party.2013_C_079

Which was a huge hit.


It was bizarre to see my parents with former lab members, my committee chair’s kids, and the chem department head, but it was also really cool that they got to meet everyone.

I still can’t believe the great weather we had that week.  Everything just worked out really well.

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