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Skiposium 2013

March 3, 2013

I drove to Sunriver for the weekend in the middle of my GK-12 stint to meet up with the chemistry department for Skiposium.  I narrowly escaped running out of gas between the start of Hwy 97 (where it connects at 84) and Madras.


There are four “towns” on that stretch of road, and I had no idea it would be so difficult to find gas.  I had to buy two gallons from a general store while I was still 41 miles from Madras.

I was happy to make it in time!  On Saturday we found ourselves at 10 Barrel in Bend.CIMG1979


On Sunday I headed back to Umatilla but had plenty of time to kill, so I stopped at Smith Rock for a quick hike.CIMG1982

I could get used to these sunny days.

I avoided the boring stretch of road with no gas to take a route that was gorgeous but still definitely had no gas (I was prepared this time).  I got excited when I drove by one of the John Day Fossil Beds at Clarno, but there were only a few leaf imprints, no dinosaurs.CIMG1984


And a petrified tree trunk.CIMG1986

Lots of nice scenery though with no good places to pull over and photograph!

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