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4th grade

March 3, 2013

Although I had a great time the last time I was in Umatilla, this time around I had an absolute blast.

I made a pit stop at Multnomah Falls on my way there.  Impressive as always.CIMG1973

I stayed with two different families for each of the weeks I was there.  The first couple lived out in the country, and had five horses!CIMG1975

And a dog, and this cat.  It liked to jump on the hood of my car when I got home because the engine was warm.CIMG1976

On clear days on my way to school I could see Mt. Rainier.CIMG1978

The second week I stayed with a different family in Hermiston.  I made them chicken piccata.  The other GK-12 fellow and I had a pizza cook-off one night for a bunch of the teachers – he made Chicago deep dish and I made a thin crust pesto pizza.CIMG1989

Teaching 4th grade was fantastic.  They were so helpful and articulate; we had a lot of fun together.  All the teachers were wonderful too.

I just had to sneak a picture of this assignment hanging on the wall:CIMG1988

I was there for Valentine’s Day and we had a ton of fun.  I haven’t received that many cards in a long time!  I also really enjoyed freezing roses in liquid nitrogen the next day and shattering them.IMG_0035

I’m excited to return in May for my final trip!

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