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The way life should be

January 11, 2013

Alternatively titled, “Maine told through signage.”

I convinced my parents that they really wanted to drive with me to Portland on the Saturday I was home before Christmas.CIMG1911

Open for business?  That part is new…

I met up with Jen and Brianna at the library and we spent the afternoon wandering around the chilly city.  Part of a sidewalk was roped off because of the falling bricks.  Right.CIMG1912


We had tea at this cute little shop with one busy and stressed-out tea lady.  The menus were on scrolls.CIMG1914

Perfect scroll model.  HAHAHA I didn’t even realize that pun until I typed it!!


After drinking giant bowls of tea, we got lunch at the marketplace Jen and I went to last time I was there.  There were some good signs posted there too:CIMG1918

(Sorry for the blur, I was trying to zoom in on the signs without looking too weird.)


Then we did a little window shopping/running into stores because we were freezing.CIMG1920

We ended at the art museum to meet my parents.  Jen looks really pleased that I made her model her famous footwear, frequently featured in Fun Facts.CIMG1921

Such a great day!  We stopped at my grandmother’s house on the way home and had take-out Thai with her and my uncle Rich.

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