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December 18, 2012

It’s always weird for me to be at a race and not be running.  But it’s nice to not be nervous/anxious/worried for once!  I also know how nice it is to have a clothes holder/photographer/cheerer/coach at your disposal.  It’s too bad I had a soccer game that night, because the Jingle Bell run at Maurie Jacobs park looked like a lot of fun.

My three lovely athletes (all about the same height!):CIMG1858

Emma and Sarah were running a 12k, so they started first.CIMG1859

And before I knew it, Ashley was finishing strong in the 5k!CIMG1861

Emma had a few obstacles along the way, including this flock of geese:CIMG1863_crop


That night we went to the 16 Tons café for Beer vs. Wine Cheese Wars!  Each cheese was paired with a champagne and a beer from Block 15.  And so much crusty bread.CIMG1868

Here are my tasting notes (which were pretty much the opposite of everyone else’s), going clockwise around the cheese plate from 12 o’clock):

Beechers Flagship Reserve (aged, semi-hard cows’ milk):  I thought that this very mild cheddar went better with the Glo Golden Lager than the Pierre Péters champagne.

Tomme de Savoie (rustic cows’ milk cheese from French Alps):  The Wandelpad beer was good, lightly hoppy, but was totally bizarre paired with the cheese.  The Coutier Rosé won that round.

Rogue Oregon Blue (buttery cave-aged cows’ milk):  This was a strange round.  Loved the cheese, hated both the beer and the champagne.  The Figgy Pudding was sweet and caramely, aged in Brandy barrels.  The ladies hated this and the guys loved it.  The A. Margaine Demi-sec was too sweet with the added sugar.

Aged Mimolette (French, pasturized, natural rind cows’ milk):  The cheese was disappointingly bland, a little salty.  The Belgian Fat Monk was a little darker (but not actually dark – what does that mean, self?), but the Coutier Brut champagne won for sure.  For the price, this was a great champagne, so Sarah and I bought a few bottles for New Year’s and thesis defenses!

Domaine du Vallage (French cows’ milk cheese, indulgent creaminess):  This round won the whole thing, hands down.  The cheese was amazing and rich, and I thought the Ferme de la Ville Provision beer was a great dry beer to pair with it.  The Vilmart & Cie champagne was also really good, but more expensive.


My totals:  Beer 2, Wine 2.  No one won round #3.

This was a great event that I would love to try with red wines some time!

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