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It took us all summer to go camping

September 8, 2012

Usually Labor Day marks the end of summer, but not for us!  We were extremely busy this summer, so it took us until almost September to make it out into the woods.

We intended to camp at Waldo Lake, but it was full when Ed and Maggie got there, so we ended up at the nearby Charlton Lake.  It was significantly less busy.CIMG1686

As in, we pretty much had the place to ourselves.  It was incredible.

Sarah sported the deer mug (courtesy of Jen Zemke) all weekend.  Perfect for beer and coffee.CIMG1673

My new tent on its first excursion!  I bought this on sale from REI at the end of the season last year.  It’s the Passage 2, and I love it.  My only complaint is that it’s a little on the narrow side for a 2-person tent.  It’s easy to set up (just two poles), packs up nicely, and I really like the rainfly – it has vents on top and makes a nice vestibule on either side.CIMG1675

Poor Sarah was sick this weekend, so she was sequestered to the Quarantine Tent.CIMG1674

Kara especially liked hanging out with the dogs.CIMG1678

Leia was being really funny about her poses this weekend.  She was always seeking out the patches of sunlight to lie in.CIMG1679


Such great danes (ha).CIMG1680

Bryan cooked bacon on a stick.CIMG1681

And Ed and Maggie made an amazing egg/corn/cheese/pepper/salsa scramble that we turned into breakfast burritos with leftovers from dinner the night before.  It involved a corn wall to hold the eggs in place on the griddle.CIMG1683

It got cool at night (we were at 5400 feet, after all!) but during the day it was really warm in the sun.  The water was still freezing, however.CIMG1685

Bryan chopped us some firewood.CIMG1687

We hiked down to Waldo Lake and were overwhelmed by the number of people there.  It was pretty though!CIMG1690

The moss on these trees by the shore was all windswept – Lorax trees!CIMG1691


Then Zack and Luke arrived!CIMG1694

Ready to run, as always.

On Sunday we hiked part of the Pacific Crest Trail!  Our campsite was basically right on the trail.CIMG1702

It took us through a burn area that was just beautiful.CIMG1696


It was hot, though – good thing Ed could get water from the dogs’ camelbak!CIMG1700

It was a perfect first camping trip of the year.  Hopefully we’ll get a few more in soon!

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