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Tri-ing to have fun.

September 4, 2012

So begins a series of trips to Portland every other weekend.  On August 24, Sarah, Bryan, Kara, and I drove to Portland to see the band fun.  We met up with Bevin and Mike to have dinner before the show.  We ended up at the Bridgeport Ale House on Hawthorne.  The beers were tasty, but the food really stole the show.CIMG1651

The combinations listed on the menu sounded ridiculous, but everything was so good.  The chevre was a little overpowering in this quesadilla, though.CIMG1653

Then we rushed to get to the show, arriving an hour late, but we only missed the opening band, so it was ok.  What a great show!

The next day, we all headed to Cathedral Park for some serious triathlon training.  The goals were:

1)  Find the park so I don’t get lost on race day (Sept. 23).

2)  Check out the water temperature to determine if I need a wetsuit.

3)  Practice transitions.

4)  Ride the bike course.  The maps and elevation charts are helpful, but it makes me feel so much better to know that I’ve done it before and have a sense of how far away certain points are.CIMG1655

The park itself is tiny, but it’s under the gorgeous St. Johns Bridge.  The run actually goes out and back across the bridge!

I was so thankful to have my training team with me.  I laid out all my stuff in the grass and then Kara and I got in the murky Willamette River.  It was so warm!  However, the race would be another month away and temperatures would be dropping rapidly, and it would also be at 7:30 am instead of the middle of the day.  I think my decision is wetsuit, but that adds a whole other level of complications.

We swam in the shallow area down to some rocks and back, then ran out of the water and got ready for the bike.  Lesson learned:  don’t step on the clean towel with your dirty feet until you’ve rinsed them off!

Bryan and I headed out on the bike course.  We ended up taking a little detour because we got lost, but the course is an out-and-back, so when we picked up the course at the turn-around point, we got to see the whole thing anyway.  It was nice rolling hills through an industrial (aka ugly) area, nice wide road, but not great pavement.  Lots of debris in the road (maybe they’ll sweep before the tri?!).  We did about 15.5 miles, so essentially the same distance (16 mi) as the tri.

When we got back to the car Sarah had returned from her 7 mile run!  Woo!  I was ready to be done, but she yelled at me to get my sneakers on, so I did and then ran around a little bit (maybe half a mile).  That was definitely worth doing, because my legs felt like jelly after that ride!  I’ve practiced the swim/bike transition, but looks like I need to do more on the bike/run one…

Thank you again, training team!  I feel so much more prepared now!

Of course we were starving after all of that, so we went to the farmers market in the cute St. Johns area.  I got a spinach and cheese tamale, yum.CIMG1657

We went back to the Daglens’ to clean up, and then our friend Dawn and her adorable son Ian came over to play!  We ran and bounced and played in the awesome judo room in the basement.  I was exhausted after all that!CIMG1658

(Blurry because he won’t keep still!)

We had to cut play time short because we were meeting Erica for dinner!  She just started med school at OHSU and we miss her in Eugene very much.  It was great to see her – we went to an area with lots of food trucks (something that I needed to check off my Portland to-do list) and split a wonderful pizza and a salad.


And crêpes for dessert!

We drove home Saturday night.  This was a seriously fun. weekend.  And we still had Sunday to relax!

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  1. September 5, 2012 9:27 am

    the Bevin and Mike? That’s a very serious name.

    • September 5, 2012 10:21 am

      whoops, that’s a funny typo. I started out with “the Daglens” but then changed it. I’ll go fix it.

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