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Beer tasting

August 31, 2012

Sarah returned!  So I made pork sliders with curry ketchup on rye/white buns, corn on the cob, and coleslaw.  Served with the leftover wine from the 5k.CIMG1635


A while ago Sarah and I bought this taster pack of Unibroue beers from Trader Joe’s.  I’ve stared at the Maudite poster (ha) for years at the Bier Stein and was curious to finally try it.  Plus they’re from Quebec!CIMG1638

When we finally got around to tasting them, we started with the Don de Dieu, a triple wheat ale.  It was great!  Clearly we had it on a Tuesday, since we ate random CSA vegetables for dinner (corn, beans, grilled eggplant).  The eggplant was too tiny to do good grilled eggplant!  Oh well.  My dad still wins for best grilled eggplant.CIMG1639


The (next?) day, we tried another beer, Trois Pistoles, a strong and dark ale.  It was good, but a little too sweet for my taste.CIMG1640

And made giant salads!  This was so good.  I never take the time to chop veggies and prep everything for just me, so it was fun to have a salad buddy.  Plus egg on toast with sharp cheddar, mmm.CIMG1641

We still have to try the other two beers!

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