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August 29, 2012

Sarah was out of town for a while this month, so I made sure to keep myself busy with projects.

The best pizza I’ve ever made:CIMG1608

Pesto (my own, frozen), zucchini, mozzarella.

I finally turned all those used wine corks into a cork board!CIMG1612

Of course this was the period of time when we were getting lots of cucumbers in our CSA – I ate 7.5 of them in about a week.  I was running out of ways to eat cucumbers when I remembered the delicious breakfast drink I had in Shanghai.  (Although looking back, it was pineapple, not cukes!  Same thing, right?)CIMG1613

Orange juice, peeled and deseeded cucumber, and garden mint.CIMG1615

It was refreshing, but needed to be partially frozen to avoid the squishy cucumber texture.

I also took advantage of Sarah’s absence to make a curry with two of her favorite foods – mushrooms and eggplant.CIMG1622

This lentil curry was so. good.  Especially with lots of yogurt.CIMG1623

To use up CSA veggies (zucchini, potatoes, shallots, basil), I made a gratin with pesto as the filler.CIMG1624


(pre-cooking)  It was pretty good.

I finally made it to Marché!  Ed and Maggie took me as a thank you for taking care of Yoda, their cat, one weekend.  Thank you!

I was tempted by the tuna again, but it was nowhere near as good as at King Estate.  This one had a smoky tomato coulis and a tapenade.  I liked the tempura squash flower a lot!CIMG1633

I loved all the appetizers and salads we got, though, so maybe that’s a better strategy for eating there.  We devoured them too quickly to take any photos!  And I had an oyster and liked it.

Actually, the strategy should be apps & desserts.  Because this almond financier with peach/bourbon ice cream and bourbon sauce was incredible.CIMG1634

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