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Hanging out in Inveraray

August 22, 2012

Our last full day in Scotland we spent in the town we had been staying in for the past few days, Inveraray.CIMG1527

We had gone to the George Hotel for dinner the night before – that’s where all the people in this town are!  At the only pub.  It was a great meal and there was some live music.

We knew this was going to be a rainy day (and it was), so it was nice to not have to drive anywhere and not have too much to do.  We visited the castle, home of the local duke, but I didn’t take any pictures because it was pouring outside and they weren’t allowed inside.  I always think it’s so interesting to see how modern-day royalty lives.

Then we went to the Inveraray Jail.CIMG1530

Which wasn’t as lame as I thought it was going to be.

For dinner we drove just a few miles down the road to this seafood restaurant.CIMG1531


My dad got a whole fish.  I didn’t really think about how much fish we would be eating in Scotland, but we were always close to the ocean, so it makes sense.CIMG1534

And then all of a sudden, the trip was over!  It felt like we were there for a really long time, but of course it was still sad to leave.

The last day we drove back to Edinburgh and stopped at a castle and had tea in Perth.CIMG1536

We returned the rental car to the airport, ate dinner at the airport (we didn’t know what options we would have near the hotel), took a taxi to the hotel, slept for a few hours, and returned to the airport so I could catch the first flight out.  Ugh, I am so over flying.  Can we get this teleportation thing going, please?

That’s the end of the UK adventure for now.  If my parents ever send me their photos, I’ll post the best ones.

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