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By yon bonnie banks

August 21, 2012

The next day was all about hiking.  We stopped in the Argyll forest and hiked in the woods for about an hour.CIMG1507

We picked this day as our outdoors day, since it wasn’t supposed to rain (as much) as the next day.  We actually lucked out; it was pretty dry.

But the sun was not shining bright on Loch Lomond.CIMG1509

We hiked up through a sheep field…CIMG1516

…for another view of the lake.CIMG1514


On our way back to Inveraray, we stopped at Fyne Ales brewery.CIMG1520

They had lots of delicious beers, but of course I gravitated towards the ones that used hops from Oregon!  Random.CIMG1525That red IPA on the far right was tasty.

And on the road to the brewery, we had our second sighting of highland cows.  I saw some up close the first day we were driving, so I expected to see them everywhere.  No such luck.  I really wanted a picture of them, but this was the best I got.CIMG1519

Cats are much easier to photograph.CIMG1526

(This cat lived at our B&B and reminded me of Sal.)

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