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Isle of Arran

August 20, 2012

One of the day trips we were most excited about was going to an island.  Arran seemed to have it all – a castle, some hikes, a distillery.  We drove down this single track road to get to the ferry stop.CIMG1469

Which was literally just a bench with this sign next to it.CIMG1466

We crossed over on the ferry (it was really cold and windy).CIMG1471

The castle was right on the water.CIMG1473


We took a little hike around the harbor and found some sheep just hanging out on the rocks.CIMG1482


And climbed up high enough to get a nice view.CIMG1486

I took a nap on a bench.  I think my parents have a picture of that; I’ll have to post it later.

On the way back down we went by a golf course where there were some deer.CIMG1489

And then made our way to the Isle of Arran Distillery.CIMG1491

And found more sheep on a soccer football pitch right next door.CIMG1492

The distillery tour was nice.  I loved the upstairs room with the stills – very bright and open.CIMG1493

By the time we left the island it was sunny, so we drove down the road a bit to another castle.CIMG1495

It was a really nice castle to visit and we climbed all the way up the ramparts.CIMG1503


We stopped at Starfish in Tarbert on the way back.  It was delicious!  I had a seafood pasta dish that was fantastic.


This was one of my favorite days of the trip.

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