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The day after

August 15, 2012

Another day, another few shuttle rides with John.

Selina’s parents very kindly invited all of my family to their house for an amazing Indian take-out meal.  It was even nice enough (sunny and windy, but not raining) to hang out in their backyard with its incredible view.CIMG1372


Selina’s father, Bish, was a wonderful host and never stopped pouring wine.599924_478261095535738_579684752_n

There was a lot of chatting:563348_478261398869041_422906636_n


(Note Joey on the far left, just hangin’ with the guys.  So grown up.)  Also, we discovered that we had Joe (second from left) stay with us 10 YEARS AGO when he came to visit the states!  Crazy.

My mom wanted a picture of me and Maddy, but then people kept joining us and soon we had all of the ladies together for a photo shoot.529582_478260982202416_117672550_n

(I’m still waiting for photos from everyone else, but I need to do some blog catch-up!)

Thanks for another great day!

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