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Wedding day

August 8, 2012

I felt so much better after a full night of sleep.  Traveling is always exhausting, and it had been go-go-go for a long time leading up to this trip.

We all piled in a giant van with John the driver, who would get to know us well throughout the weekend.  Thank you John for putting up with my family’s tendency to spontaneously break into song.  With 3-part harmony.  Sheesh.  In Joe’s words, “It’s like being in a musical – where I don’t know any of the songs!”

Anyway, we arrived at Stubton Hall and wandered around for a bit, semi-awestruck:CIMG1322

We had this whole place to ourselves for the night!376426_478260612202453_659492607_n

(oops, my eyes were closed.)


Hi, Mom.


Confused runner ducklings:CIMG1367


It was awesome to be able to run up to our rooms whenever we needed to drop something off.

Pretty soon it was time for the ceremony!CIMG1327

Proud parents of the groom.

We weren’t allowed to take pictures during the (short) ceremony.  Everyone loved the song my mom sang.  Then there was posing during the signing of the register.  Selina looked amazing.CIMG1332

(Note:  these are mostly my photos; I haven’t collected them from everyone else yet.  Maybe there will be an update post later.)

The rain held off for long enough to enjoy some champagne outside.  And take lots of pictures.CIMG1339

I loved that there were saris and kilts involved.CIMG1345

I love this one:CIMG1346

The sisters.  Since three of them live within 45 minutes of each other, and Colette comes to visit pretty often, we have pictures of the four of them almost every year.


My dad only wears ties at weddings, funerals, and graduations.  This is one he got at Fred’s school the first time we came to England (I was about 8).  Some of Fred’s friends were there and noticed the tie, so that was cool.

So pretty.CIMG1351


Tommy was guarding the champagne.CIMG1352

Dinner was awesome.  I loved the mix of Indian, English, and American food.CIMG1354


Cousins and friends table!CIMG1356

Since I was sitting next to my two youngest cousins, I got asked if I was allowed to drink.  Thanks for thinking I was under 18, server lady!


I was pretty excited about the cupcake tower.  I think I had 2.5 chocolate orange cupcakes over the weekend (yessss leftovers!).


Then there was lots of silly dancing.  There were times when not many people were on the dance floor, but someone from my family was always there keeping things moving.

Whew, that was a long post!  And a long day.  But a very, very good one.  Congrats Fred and Selina!

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