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August 2, 2012

So begins another series of traveling posts!  Er, post about traveling.  You know what I mean.

My cousin Fred, who lives in England, was getting married to his girlfriend of 11+ years on July 14.  Needless to say, my whole family was thrilled.  So, most of the east coast Giroux clan invaded Woodhouse Eaves.CIMG1309_b

Aunt Michèle, Joey, and Laura had been there for a few days already, staying with Uncle David, Aunt Colette, Fred, and Antoinette.  Aunt Maddy, Uncle Tommy, and Emily had been in London and arrived on Friday, an hour or two after my parents and I arrived.  We had left the night before and flown in separately to Manchester, where we took a taxi to my Aunt’s house.  It was so nice to be met at the gate by my parents!

As people started pouring in, the noise level got louder and louder.  Typical.

Since it was the day before the wedding, everyone was busy getting things ready.  David was preparing an amazing dinner for us:CIMG1304

Nette was doing her nails:CIMG1307

My mom was practicing the guitar, since she would sing a song at the ceremony:CIMG1306

And Fred was working on his speech:CIMG1308

There were a few chaotic moments involving wrong train tickets, broken guitar strings, and seating plans, but it all got sorted out.  Must have been that Friday the 13th luck.

And then we had dinner.CIMG1313

The salmon was so big it had to be cooked in two pieces.  It was beautifully poached, and served with potato salad.

And wine.CIMG1315

Lots of wine.  We split up that night to stay with various friends and neighbors.  Thank you to everyone who put us up!

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