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Weekends with Jen

August 1, 2012

Over the weekend that Jen was here, DT (our advisor) hosted an epic party at his house (finally!).  There was a lot of dancing.  The next morning, we (also finally) made it to the PartyCart for brunch.

Sarah got a coffee from Clementine Coffee Cart, but was sad that she forgot to order it iced!  Nor worries, the friendly coffee lady brought her a FREE iced coffee!  Yay for caffeination.


The Daglens stayed with us!  Not only do these two let us crash in their awesome house whenever we’re in Portland, but they also bring their own inflatable mattress when they visit us.  Too thoughtful.


Yummy huevos.


Tiny biscuits with bacon butter!



After a day of wine tasting, we brought Jen to Café Soriah for drinks and small bites of food.  I never thought I’d see Jen sipping a pink drink with a lemon twist.CIMG1296


Here’s a nice picture of the dark beer drinkers the next day at Falling Sky.CIMG1298

And to prove I was there, because this blog hardly ever has pictures of me:CIMG1299

Stuffed zucchini.CIMG1300

We were then supposed to go to an open mic night across the street, but it filled up quickly.  We decided hanging out in Ellen and Jay’s backyard would be just as good, if not better.  We could just listen to Jen play all night instead of just two or three songs at the bar!  Plus, I played a little too.CIMG1301

It was so much fun to have JZ back!  I think we managed to do most of the things we wanted to, and hopefully she still had a relaxing vacation.

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  1. August 3, 2012 7:48 am

    You have some really great pictures in this post!! I really like the one of Jen and I at Falling Sky, nice work. 🙂

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