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JZ returns!

July 26, 2012


Jen came back to Eugene to visit us for the first week in July.  We were so glad to have our beer drinking buddy, grillmaster, resident pchemist, and singer back!

We picked her up from the airport and immediately got her a beer to go with some delicious sushi from Sushi Domo.  We returned to work for a bit, then went to PRI (Pizza Research Institute) for dinner.CIMG1281

We sat outside because it was finally starting to feel like summer around here, but it got cold when the sun started to go down.  We started with a  salad:CIMG1278

And I had a cider.  We got a combination of three pizzas to taste as many different kinds as we could.CIMG1279

This pesto/broccoli/cheddar one was amazing.


Of course we got Jen’s favorite, the apple, gouda, and walnut one, and the arugula and avocado one was good too.

The next day, Jen stayed at the apartment to prepare meat candy (delicious slow-grilled pork) for the 4th of July the next day.  We also invited Paula over for dinner, and Jen grilled us delicious steaks.  As anyone who knows Jen knows, grilling time is measured in number of drinks, so by the time Sarah and I got home from work, a brief toilet paper debate quickly led to this:CIMG1283

Thanks guys.


The steaks were awesome, and we also had grilled zucchini, tomatoes, and fava beans.

And some Bodner wine to drink!CIMG1284

Nice light pinot noir that went well with spicy salsa.

The next day was the 4th of July.  It was a good thing we left the TP all over the house because we had a guest, a cat we named ‘Murica, come visit, and she loved playing with it.  Now SB and I are thinking about getting a cat…

We went over to the Glovzbys for a fun cookout.  I shellacked some rocks and took a nap on the grass.  Totally normal behavior.  Then we went to the Em’s game!CIMG1289

We had a huge group of friends and we all stayed for fireworks.  Such a good day.  We need more Wednesday holidays, I think.

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