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Sometimes sunny

July 10, 2012

On Wednesday, (aka the only sunny day of the week), we went to Off the Waffle for lunch.


Goat in the Headlights with salad and milk.


Waitress: “Are you waiting on two Prophecies?” (Self-fulfilling Prophecy: egg, bacon, maple syrup)

Jen enjoyed her uber-chocolatey milk while waiting on prophecy #2.

Then we hiked Spencer Butte!CIMG1245_thumb

Ok, one last time: “I touched the butt(e)!”CIMG1246_thumb

The view never gets old.CIMG1247_thumb

Direction:  “Look triumphant.”CIMG1249

Good job.

Then we went to the new downtown location of Belly, one of my favorite places in town.CIMG1250

Dinner was delicious (I got the pork shoulder), but we seemed to be waiting for unnecessarily long periods of time at various points (such as being seated and ordering desserts when we had already explained that we didn’t want dessert).  As of right now, I’m enjoying the taqueria more (at the old location), but I need to go back (with Sarah!) to the downtown one to try it again.  I’m sure there’s just an adjustment period as they get used to the new setup.

A quick stop at Sweet Life and we were done for the day.

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