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The excitement continues

July 9, 2012

Other than the track trials, I wanted to show Brianna and Jen the best Eugene has to offer.

We did a little Willamette valley wine tasting at Sweet Cheeks and Silvan Ridge.CIMG1233_thumb

Yum!  I hadn’t been to Silvan Ridge in a long time, and I had forgotten how much I like their wines.  I also won a free entry to a 5k they’re hosting in August (we put my name in the hat 4 times since no one else would be around for the race, but since we were the only ones there, they didn’t even do an official drawing).CIMG1234

We brought our opened but unfinished bottle with us to the Hideaway Bakery, where we met Tyler and Zach for pizza night!CIMG1236

(Brianna has the same shirt as me!)

The salads and pizzas were awesome, as was the music (Paper Prairie, check them out!).

Zach moved a cone for a guy wanting to move his truck:CIMG1238

And then Tyler and Zach invited us to their place for a delicious apple strudel.  Thanks for a fun night!

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