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CCTF goes to the Olympic trials

July 7, 2012

Sort of.

Look who it is!CIMG1272

Over Christmas, I had mentioned to Jen and Brianna that they still needed to come visit me in Oregon.  They liked the idea, but when I brought up the Olympic Trials happening in Eugene, they couldn’t resist planning a trip.  I’m so glad they followed through on this!

It was a really fun week.  I gave them a taste of my life out here – grilling, biking in the rain, getting flat tires, eating at delicious restaurants, hanging out with friends, and doing some science.

The first night we grilled shrimp and chorizo skewers, with couscous.CIMG1223

(Wow, there are a lot of patterns in that photo.)

We were on a mission this week – collect enough stamps to get a gold medal (from the Gold Medal Games).  There was a podium at the rec center, with props:CIMG1225

Haha, Jen looks really disappointed about being second place.

Hi, my name is Chantal, and I live in Tracktown, USA.CIMG1226

We went to the trials on Day 4.  It rained.CIMG1227

This was before we realized how necessary ponchos would become.CIMG1228

It was nice to sit in the top row of the bleachers so we could lean into the railing.CIMG1232

Start of the men’s 5k (prelim).

We also went to the trials on Day 7.  This was such a good day to see!  Both 5k races were intense, there was an amazing discus throw on the last attempt, almost every race was down to the wire… so good.

Here’s the Olympic team so far:CIMG1257

We were sitting on the opposite end of the track this time, right under the giant screen.

More on our adventures outside of Hayward Field soon…

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