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Strawberry fields forever

July 1, 2012

Sarah and I received a flat (12 pints) of strawberries recently to make up for a lost CSA share.  Ok by me!  We hosted a strawberry fest to try to get through some of them.


Strawberry and goat cheese salad, corn/bean salsa/salad, bread and chips and cheese and hummus.


Rick brought some of his homemade sodas:  cherry vanilla and ginger.  With mashed strawberries and some vodka they made delicious drinks.

I made my first strawberry rhubarb pie:CIMG1215

Two things to keep in mind for the future:  1) don’t steal as much crust to make a lattice; instead use it to keep the pie together, and 2) maybe don’t peel the rhubarb?  It seemed really tough so I peeled it (it was from the Glovzbys’ yard), but then it boiled down into nothingness, so that might have been unnecessary.

Sarah made strawberry shortcake:CIMG1218

I don’t really like whipped cream, but Rick worked so hard to make it that I had to have some 🙂

And of course, chocolate covered strawberries.  My favorite.CIMG1219

We only had a few pints left, and we used those quickly for breakfast.  Yum!

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