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June, in a nutshell

July 1, 2012

I don’t know what happened, but June flew by.  Here are a few highlights.

This is the only way I want to eat radishes from now on.CIMG1176

Mango, radish, red onion, cilantro salsa.

Served with some shrimp an’ grits (well, polenta).  And bok choy, I think.CIMG1184


Sriracha and Yumm sauce… CIMG1190

… are all you need to make a bowl of cauliflower and tofu delicious.CIMG1195


We finally hung out with Paula!  We went to The Bridge, the new place on Franklin Blvd.CIMG1206


The Olympic Trials have started in Eugene!  (More on that later.)  The science department is involved in the Gold Medal Games, where visitors can go to different stations on campus and get stamps that they can exchange for a sweet “gold” medal.CIMG1210

“Manning” the UO Women in Graduate Sciences table.  People were confused when Bryan would give the WGS spiel.

Every time I looked over at the oobleck table, someone was playing with it (whether or not there were any visitors there).CIMG1209

Sarah and I went to the newly converted Belly Taqueria with Zach and Tyler after a stop at LaVelle.  We had a delicious pitcher of sangria, amazing chips and guac, and tacos.CIMG1220

The tacos were so good!



And finally, Tabby and Rick’s baby shower at a park in Springfield was so much fun.  I love this picture of Tabby cutting the ice cream cake from Red Wagon Creamery.CIMG1222

Only a slightly disjointed post, right?

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