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Grill week

June 16, 2012

Having returned from Asia, we were kind of at a loss for what to cook.  The summer CSA hadn’t started yet, and suddenly we had the freedom to eat what we wanted, when we wanted.  We decided to be as American as possible, and grill as often as we could.  I think we did 3 or 4 days in a row.


Yes, there is a gaucho burger hidden under that massive pile of guac.  Also, I just cheated – this picture is actually before China, but it fit with the theme, so here it is.  Gaucho burgers are from Rachel Ray’s book.  They’re just burgers made with lots of spices and beer to keep them moist.  No buns, but that’s ok because we had chips and potatoes.

I got some tiny asparagus and some new potatoes at the farmers’ market and served that up with some herby grilled chicken.CIMG1126

Creative ways to display wine for photos:CIMG1123

Next up:  some sort of sausage from Cappella grilled with zucchini, polenta (from Open Oak farm – so good!  It’s much more grainy and gives it less of a uniform texture, which I like), and cucumber yogurt salad.CIMG1127


That’s a good looking fire.

To switch things up a bit, we did fish on grill night #3.  This was black cod, which we had never had before, with butter, lemon, and sage.CIMG1160

And I tried my hand at spicy Chinese green beans!CIMG1162

Not bad for a first attempt.  The numbing spice was awesome (in that package), but I really need a wok to make this work.CIMG1163

Can you tell we’re working our way through the LaVelle wineclub stash?CIMG1164

Yummy quinoa.

And finally, steaks à la Zemke!CIMG1186

I’m way too impatient to make non-lumpy mashed potatoes.  Maybe someday.

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