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Xi’an (or Exxon, as DT would say)

June 6, 2012

City of warriors.

I was SUPER excited to see the Terracotta Army, so we made a speedy detour through Xi’an at the end of our time in Jinan.  Sarah’s an old pro at China, and luckily she didn’t mind revisiting a few places.

We took a van from our hotel to the fields where the soldiers were discovered.  Traffic in Xi’an sucks!IMG_4420

We were forced into stopping at a tourist trap on the way there.  It was kind of fun though.CIMG1031


We had to walk a ways to get from where we parked to the entrance…IMG_4437

And then we were seeing the real thing!CIMG1037


Overall I was impressed by how clearly you could see their faces.IMG_4447


All the bodies are made from molds, but the heads are attached separately and are hand-carved.  They’re all different!



It was really amazing.

At the end of the tour there was a museum that was way too crowded and pushy to be enjoyable.IMG_4484

I like how this picture makes it look like we’re laughing at one of the Mexicans who were on our tour, but really we’re making fun of Dave for being a stalker behind that pillar.

When we got back to the city, we took a short break at our hotel.CIMG1051

Then we went to the wall that surrounds the old part of town.IMG_4487


We rented BIKES and rode around the whole thing!  It was about 9 miles all the way around on bumpy cobblestones.IMG_4491



It was so nice to get up above the city and away from the crowds, so we hung out on the wall and watched the sunset.IMG_4499

It was a brilliant red sun due to all the pollution.CIMG1064


The wall was all set up for what looked like was going to be a bike race.  That would be intense!

We ended the night with an awesome dinner at a Hong Kong restaurant.  The menu was on an iPad that you could scroll through and choose your food based on pictures!  So helpful to those of us who can’t read a menu.  And Sarah found her custard dumplings.CIMG1068

Overall, this was probably my favorite day of the trip.CIMG1067

(the Bell Tower)

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