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Good morning, Vietnam

May 22, 2012

We were sad to leave Phu Quoc on Wednesday, but it was time to move on.  Instead of going directly to Shanghai, we spent an afternoon/evening in Ho Chi Minh.  We had a late flight (2 am), since it was cheap, so we thought we’d take advantage and visit the city instead of hanging around the airport all day.

We landed in time to get into the city for a late lunch.  Strangely, we ended up at a Chinese restaurant, where we gobbled down some fried rice that was so buttery it tasted like popcorn.  It was right next to the War Museum, our first stop on our walking tour of the city.  It was a very powerful museum, especially the room about Agent Orange.CIMG0925


We immediately learned that traffic in Ho Chi Minh is TERRIFYING.


This doesn’t even come close to capturing how many motorbikes/scooters there were.  As crazy as the traffic/driving was all over Asia, this was the scariest.  There are hardly any lights and the people generally ignore the signals anyway.  We watched some people crossing the street to see how it was done – just walk with confidence and the traffic will move around you.

Easier said than done.

But we survived crossing a few busy roads as we progressed on our walking tour.CIMG0928


We walked through the humidity until it cooled down a little in the evening.  I found a gecko!CIMG0932

The one thing I really wanted to do in Vietnam was to eat Pho.  We walked through a night market and ended up at a place called Pho24 or something like that, basically the Vietnamese equivalent of fast food.  But it was perfect!CIMG0934

At this point in the trip my stomach wasn’t super happy with me, and a giant dish of broth was exactly what I needed.  Yum!

We then napped at the airport until 2 am – we actually almost missed our flight because even though they announced every other flight in Vietnamese and English about 14 times each, our flight was not announced.  Luckily Liz noticed hardly that there was hardly anyone else left at the gate and we hurried on to the plane…

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