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When it rains in Asia

May 17, 2012

Reunited with Liz, Sarah and I stayed at Mango Bay Resort on the island of Phu Quoc for three nights.  Best way to recover from jetlag, ever.

We stayed in these bungalows:


There were outdoor showers and mosquito nets!

One morning some cows walked by our hut:CIMG0908

It was hot on the island, but the real killer was the humidity.  Our bathing suits and towels never really dried out the whole time we were there, which was ok, because we spent all our time at the beach or eating delicious food outside.CIMG0911

The ocean was so warm and salty and there were lots of big waves.  Sometimes at night or one early morning, the humidity would break and it would DOWNPOUR.  It was actually pretty cool to watch; the whole world was whited-out by rain.  One day Sarah and I got massages that were amazing!CIMG0910

We ate lots of delicious food:  curries, traditional Vietnamese dishes, lots of fruit, smooties, fruit juices, happy hour drinks… and it was all so cheap!  Seeing prices like 20,000 VND was kind of scary, but when we figured out that meant $1, it was ok.CIMG0898





One night we went into town to go to the night market.  Sarah got some waxy corn that was not delicious, but we got some vegetable kebabs that were good.  We also grabbed some peppercorns that I’m really looking forward to cooking with when we get back home.CIMG0904

One thing I really wanted to do was drink from a coconut, since we were on a tropical island and all.  It was much more liquidy than I was expecting – more like coconut water than coconut milk.  Fun!


Everyone at the resort was so friendly.  I would definitely recommend this place.


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