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Fun in the sun

May 2, 2012

Recently it was the first time this year that it was warm AND sunny AND a weekend, so on Sunday we definitely took advantage of this and stayed outside pretty much all day.

We started out with a 5k at King Estate.  It was super foggy in the morning, but it cleared up right around the start time.  We ran on the gravel/dirt roads through the vineyards, and up some crazy hills.

Game faces:CIMG0872

Little did we know that Meb Keflezighi (winner of the US Olympic marathon trials this year) would be there running (and winning).  He looped back around and high-fived us as we approached the finish!


That’s right.  (I had myself maybe 15 sec faster due to distance back from the start).  My last mile was fastest, but that’s probably just because it was the only one without a mountain to run up.

Then we got our complimentary taste of pinot gris.  At 9:30 am.CIMG0875

Thanks Michelle for guarding our stuff!


By this point it was getting warm, so we enjoyed the sun and some breakfast burritos on the terrace.CIMG0878

We stopped at Noble Estate on the way back.  I was glad to finally go there – it’s so close to home.  We did a tasting flight, and while I loved some (viognier, syrah), I hated others (some of the special pinot noirs).  Too much “toasted oak” – it tasted and smelled like an ashtray!CIMG0880

Back in town, I gardened for a bit, then Sarah and I talked to Jen and dashed off to softball practice.  We picked up some fish on the way home and capped off our day outside by cooking outside on the grill.CIMG0881

We weren’t doing so well by the time it was ready.  I think we were both overtired, sun-drained, dehydrated, etc.  Nothing that a s’more with cinnamon graham crackers and chili chocolate can’t fix!CIMG0883

Next posts (probably not for a while):  EPIC TRIP TO ASIA!!

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