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We have the most random Easters

April 12, 2012

During my time in grad school, two out of four Easters have included sleepovers and Mexican food the night before.  It seems to be an every other year tradition.

Sarah, Zack, and I had a pleasant drive back from Portland in the sun.  After a stop at Vero for some coffee and to give Ed a chance to bathe, we headed over to the Elliotts’ for a feast.


Sarah really liked the deviled eggs.CIMG0845


Ed stayed up almost all night smoking a ham.  It was amazing.CIMG0842

Of course, we couldn’t have just ham.  There were lamb burgers also.CIMG0848

And a really, really good quiche.  And a million other things.CIMG0849

It was nice enough to eat outside!CIMG0850

The happy parents-to-be!CIMG0851

Why didn’t I photograph the cinnamon blob?!  That was one of the best parts.  Thank you thank you thank you to Ed and Maggie for such a wonderful Easter linner!

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