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Sunny Saturday

April 12, 2012

Sarah’s friends Steph and Renee arrived in Eugene after an epic road trip up the California coast.  We took them to all the Eugene hotspots, including…


Off the Waffle!

This day turned out to be random, amazing, fun, sunny, warm, silly… such a great Saturday.  I started out with a run, then Off the Waffle, then a quick tour of Pre’s Rock before picking up ZK and heading up to Portland.CIMG0825

We made the obligatory stop at Powell’s, where I picked up 3 books (newest Preston & Child mystery, Contact, and a Scotland guide).  Conveniently, the Deschutes brewpub is right around the block.CIMG0827

This place was so great!  Zack and I split the most opposite burgers on the menu – the elk burger and the beet burger.  Both were delicious, but I was glad I only had half of each (and got to try both).  Mine came with a side of lentil soup.CIMG0829

Next we wandered around Washington Park, through the rose garden and the muddy amphitheater.

Then we picked up Erin and rejoined the group at Prost!, where we randomly ran into Erin’s brother Moe and his friends.CIMG0831

I wish I had a better picture of the scene at this place.  Half indoors, half outdoors, filled with German beers and food (pretzels and mustard!), sports on the TV, plus it was packed!  Very cool place.

We all went out to dinner at Catalina’s, a random Mexican restaurant.  It was delicious, and completely not crowded.  There was even a donkey ride and red margaritas.

We ended the night at Binks, a great local bar.  Their mixed drinks were delicious and the atmosphere was fun.  I want to go back and try their pizza!

After a sleepover in Erin’s basement (including Sophie the dog) and a 5:30am airport drop-off, Sarah and I met up with Dawn and Ian at Helser’s on Alberta St., where I had been with Gina and Kelly last summer.


Sarah and I were there early, so I took advantage and ordered a German pancake, which takes a little longer to cook.  Holy cow, this was good.  I was expected a thicker baked pancake, but it was thin and fluffy and came with lemon and caramelized bananas and pears… I ate the whole thing.CIMG0833

And our friends arrived!CIMG0835

Ian’s such a little man!  He was definitely acting like a 2-year-old, but he was great when he got outside and could run around.  I understand how you feel, buddy.


Back at Erin’s, we hung out in the sun for a few minutes before we had to be on our way back to Eugene.  We had big plans for an Easter linner!


Sophie and Sarah became really good friends after the sleepover.


Matilda can be a lap dog too.

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