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Rabies eats a hamburger

April 12, 2012

Quick food catch-up.  Sarah, I need to make you this chicken soon.  It has mustard and goat cheese and almonds (this was also the first attempt at “crash” potatoes).CIMG0784

I made a pumpkin bread from the bread book, which turned out more like orange-colored bread than the sweet traditional pumpkin bread, but it was moist and delicious.  The omelet is leftover goat cheese and spinach(?).CIMG0785

The pumpkin bread made great French toast!CIMG0786

This was random but tasty.  Falling-apart cod with balsamic butter, quinoa, and broccolini and leeks in a wasabi-soy sauce.CIMG0807

Stir-fry Tuesdays.  Before:CIMG0815


Now it’s Rabies’s turn to review some food:CIMG0809

My lab pet ate a “hamburger.”  He said it was really good, but strangely sweet and chocolatey for a burger.CIMG0811

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