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March 25, 2012

Welcome to spring in Oregon.

In the middle of March, the lab took a field trip to Albany one night in place of group meeting to watch DT give a “science pub” talk at Calapooia Brewery.CIMG0770

Very cute place.  Lots of really good beers, and amazing spicy burgers made with “brew beef” – cows fed on spent grains from brewing!  (Note the annoying lady in green in the background of this picture.)CIMG0771

Tyler lab “groupies.”  DT’s talk was about sustainability and life cycle assessments – how do we determine which products are better for the environment?  Should you use paper, plastic, or a canvas bag at the grocery store? (Answer:  neither!  use a recycled, reusable plastic bag.)

My favorite exchange was when an audience member asked, “What’s the environmental impact of using disposable diapers versus reusable, cloth diapers?”

DT responded, “Well, that depends…”

He’s so funny, and most of the time he has no idea.


The next week, it snowed.  This was the most snow I’ve ever seen in Eugene!CIMG0777

It stuck around for about two days and effectively shut down the town.  Crazy.CIMG0779


We sadly had to cancel plans to have dinner with Erica because of the snow, so we went out the next night to Mazzi’s, an Italian restaurant.

We sat by the fire – so cozy!  We enjoyed a nice Sangiovese.CIMG0780


I got one of the salmon specials, which came with veggies and pesto pasta.  It was really, really good.  We’ll definitely be back here.

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