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Kitchen catch-up

February 11, 2012

I should have done this post before the restaurant one, because now these meals will look sad compared to all that gourmet food!

I know this may sound obvious, but it’s so much easier to make a stir-fry if you chop everything before you start cooking (usually I try to chop the ingredients as I go in the order that they’re needed, but that always gets chaotic).  Spicy cucumbers are Sarah’s favorite dish from China, so we’ve been trying to replicate them.CIMG0702

Mmm, shrimpies.CIMG0703

Two of my favorite (cooking) things are the cast-iron skillet and the pizza stone.  These are petite sirloins that I seared and then finished in the oven, topped with blue cheese.CIMG0706

Served with root vegetable mash and a red wine/onion sauce.CIMG0709


And beets, brussel sprouts, parsnips, and hazelnuts.  This looked pretty, and it was good for the first few days.CIMG0707

That’s all for now!  Everything else has been random veggies, possibly in a stir-fry, possibly in eggs, and by the time I’m sitting down to eat I’m way too excited to take a picture (and it’s probably not all that interesting to begin with).

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