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Restaurant recap

February 10, 2012

January was a whirlwind.  Here are the highlights.

Sfizio – delicious Italian restaurant at the Oakway Center.  This meal of clams with grilled bread and a side of spicy cauliflower was so tasty.CIMG0676


Off the Waffle!  A Sunday post-yoga tradition.  This is the ‘goat in the headlights’, a waffle topped with goat cheese, avocado, eggs, paprika, basil, EVOO… Sarah, am I forgetting anything?  I guess they ran out of mugs that day since I’m drinking tea out of a mason jar.CIMG0686


King Estate.  Ed and Maggie organized this fantastic outing where we ate amazing food (like crab, cheese, and duck), drank ridiculously good wine, and none of us had to drive home.CIMG0692

They actually give amuse-bouches in real life?


Ok here I only have two wine glasses; at some point in the night I was working on three.CIMG0695

(Why do I always leave leftovers sitting in their box at the table?!)

Nib – we still need to go here for dinner (pasta night?!), but brunch was worth the trip, if only because I could draw all over the table cloth.CIMG0699

Who am I kidding?  There were chocolate donuts with strawberry glaze.  That was why we came here.CIMG0700

And then there was a giant stack of sourdough pancakes.CIMG0701

Let’s go back to them all.

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